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Convert Quicken Files from Mac to Windows

Conversion Quicken Files

Quicken files from MAC to windows is a multi step process and there are some limitations into it. Some data will be able to get converted in windows format and some others won’t be. Since it is a multi-step procedure, various steps carry different modifications so that the file could be converted into the windows format. These steps roughly include.
Preparing the MAC data file

  • Exporting the data so that it could be imported into quicken for windows.
  • Importing the data file into quicken for windows.
  • Correcting if there any discrepancy arises during the conversion which wasn’t present in the original data

Converting Quicken MAC Files To Windows

Preparation: There are few preparations that you have to before the conversion. The date and time should be verified before conversion and correct it if necessary. Restarting the MAC should be done in order to apply the changes.

Select the App menu and then select system preference.

Select Language and text.

Click formats. In the date section, clicks customize.

After selecting Short in the show field, select the Year. You should select 20xx from the drop-down menu.

Click OK.

Preparing the conversion copy for data conversion:

Click Lists menu and then go to Accounts with verifying that Show Hidden Account is selected.

To avoid any discrepancy, all pending online payments should be erased.

Go to Securities which is found under Select. Re-indexing should be done with the pressing of command + option + B simultaneously.

After saving the copy, open the copy and under the File Menu,  select Save a Copy and save the conversion copy in to a location.

Creating the QIF (Quicken Interchange Format) in MAC:

In the conversion copy, select Export which is found under the File Menu.

After selecting the Export button, a save window will open where you can save the QIF file.

Before importing the data into windows, you should check the date and time and if there is requirement of change, it can be changed via Control Panel.

Creating the Quicken in windows:

Select New from the File Menu.

To create a new file, click OK.

Name the file and click OK again.

Create New Account Wizard should be completed with the default settings.

Importing the MAC QIF:

Select Import from the File Menu and then you should navigate to select the .QIF file that you just created.

Select All Accounts in the account to import field.

In the import window, you should select the following.


Account List

Security List

Category List

Special handling for transfer

And conversion is thus completed.

Help Assitnace For Quicken Data Conversion Errors

You can get in touch with the Quicken 24/7 customer support helpline Support Toll Free Number team to know more about converting the quicken files from MAC to windows.

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