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Intuit Quicken Account ID Problem

What is Quicken Account ID

Quicken users come across some usual as well as unusual errors. Facing the technical hiccups is a matter of sheer luck, though one must be prepared to come across these errors. Staying prepared refers to having knowledge about different common errors and possible troubleshooting measures against those errors. Among the commonest errors wit Quicken, login ID problem can be noted as common. This error comes up due to many reasons. Those reason and possible solutions are discussed below.

Internal Server Errors

If you are using cloud version or online version of Quicken, in a few cases you shall find login error due to ID error. Basically, the user ID is important for the login process. If it has been entered properly, it can reduce the risk of technical issues. Still errors are faced and the possible reason behind that is internal server error. When this kind of error happens, you need to maintain patience in dealing with the error. You need to wait for some time and try logging into your account once again. Hopefully, you shall be successful.

Account Hacked

When your account is hacked, the hacker can potentially change login credentials, including password and username. In such case, you need to follow the steps that are provided below.

  • Go to account recovery page of Quicken.
  • Here, you need to add the email associated with your user account.
  • At the next step, you need to choose a problem and in this case you should choose that you suspect your account has been hacked.
  • Now, answer a few security questions that are related to your Quicken account. Answer these questions will help you to regain your account access.

Forgotten User ID

If hacking is not the issue, there could be some other errors. Though it is unusual, many users forget username of their Quicken login. For this, once again account recovery page is required to be visited. Thereafter, you can follow the steps below.

  • Choose a method of changing username.
  • You can get it done by verified through email. Also the verification can be done through text message on the registered phone number of the user.
  • Follow instructions on screen to complete verification.
  • Now, you shall be allowed to use the username as per your convenience.

If these steps are not good enough to resolve your issue with Quicken user ID, you can call technical support for Quicken without wasting any further time.

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