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Intuit Quicken Update Errors

Error Occurred During Quicken Update

Updating Intuit Quicken on regular basis is highly recommended. If you update the software on regular basis, it will remain free of any bugs or frequent errors. Nevertheless, financial policy and taxation rules of the state change quite frequently. With changes in taxation rules, the software algorithm should be updated accordingly. Though software update is essential, people come across some errors. Those errors are discussed in the following section. Along with Quicken errors, the potential solutions are also provided.

Why Quicken Update Won’t Start

1. Update Process Does Not Start
At times, you may find that software update process does not start. There could be many potential reasons. Here are some suggested troubleshooting measures for you.

• Check internet connection first on your computer. If there is no internet connection, update will not occur.
• If internet connection is not there, you need to check modem. Turn in off for some time and then turn it on to see whether connection being established or not.
• Update will not occur if the last update has been done too recently. So open the device and check update status. If it is updated very recently, there is no need to update it again.
• Update process would not start, if the software is not installed properly. Uninstall Quicken and install it with perfection.

Quicken Update Stopped / Failed

2. Update Closes down Abruptly
When update wizard closes down abruptly due to unknown reasons, you can follow the troubleshooting measures as provided below:

• Restart your computer and updating Quicken once again.
• You should check available disk space on the drive where update files are supposed to be downloaded. If disk space is not adequately, you should delete lesser important files to make space for the update files.
• Problem with any hardware, RAM and Processor, can be the reasons behind failure of software update.

If automatic update fails with Quicken, you can choose to go for manual update process. For manual update, the following steps should be followed.
• The first step is to go to the official website of Quicken.
• Here, you should go to update section.
• At update section, you shall be able to find latest update files for your version of Quicken.
• Download the file and then run setup.

When setup is done, your software is updated. The manual update process is simple and it should be followed when automatic update does not work on your system.

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