Support & Help For - Missing or incorrect data after converting to the latest version of Quicken


Missing or incorrect data after converting to the latest version of Quicken

Quicken – Incorrect or Missing Data

Quicken Updates its software from time to time. To keep updated with the other software and to help the user to work smoothly it is necessary to update the software. Each time an update comes for the software, the user needs to update it.

When a user Installs the new version of the software and opens it, then Quicken converts the information or data in which the user has last worked in. Sometime during the conversion, it might happen that the new version is not showing the older data. So in such case what would you do? Here are some steps which you can follow to revive your lost or incorrect data. Call Toll Free 800 Number Support Toll Free Number

Why Quicken Conversion Failed

Step 1: Make sure that you have converted the data that you needed.

  1. Open the Quicken Software.
  2. Click on the File and select
  3. Browse through the files and Select the file you need. Quicken will convert your file and you will see the file in the new version of the software.

Step 2: Restore Backup

Before installing a newer version of the Software it is always recommended that you create a backup for your existing data. This helps you to keep your files secured and you won’t lose any important data. The backup can be created and stored in various ways. You can store the backup in the Cloud, USB, and hard drive or even on a CD or a DVD. Your backup will contain all the information including password, attachment, and all the other financial data.

Here are the steps through which you can revive your data from the Backup.

  1. Select on Click on the Backup and Restore. After that click on the Restore from the backup file.
  2. After that browse for you last backup data and selected file. After that, you can open the backup file and open
  3. After that Click on the Restore Backup.
  4. You will be asked whether you want to overwrite the existing file or you want to save a copy of the file.
  5. Again if you want to create the copy of your backup file then click on the Create Copy. You will be asked a destination to save the copy of the file. Select the destination and Save it and then click on the Yes button to open the file you have restored.

Help To Convert Old Quicken Data Convert To New

Using the above-mentioned steps you can restore the data. But if you find any problem in between you can contact our team for your help. The Quicken Tech Support team is always ready for your assistance Call Toll Free 800 Number Support Toll Free Number

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