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Quicken Support for Errors, issues & problem available 24×7 to help the customer to work with Quicken software without any problem. With the help of Quicken Support Number Support Toll Free Number user not only resolve most crucial errors, but also can get advice for their tax calculation and tax filling. Also, Intuit provides a complete knowledge base of all types of issues and Error. The user has to watch closely Error code appears on the screen and follow the steps mentioned in the knowledge base. Also user can post any questions on Quicken community and lets the experts will answer with solutions.

Most Common Quicken Errors – Quicken Error Codes

Quicken ProblemCauses Behind Quicken Error
Quicken Login Not WorkingUser unable To login into Quicken software with the error message either user name incorrect or password not valid, Just after update probably user receiving this error message.
Quicken Not UpdatingEither Quicken Not Syncing or unable to use Online Banking Services, the user having issues with Transactions download or few or new Transactions are missing.
Quicken Transactions Not DownloadingAfter Quicken upgrade or update no new Transactions can be downloaded from online banks.
Quicken Not WorkingEither there is Connectivity issue, So the user can’t open Quicken Software
Quicken Id Not WorkingJust alike Quicken login issue Quicken ID or password not working
Quicken Not Downloading New TransactionsAfter Quicken update or Window update no new transaction downloading from online banking , the reason behind Quicken Error Ol-301-A or Ol-301
Quicken Password Not WorkingEither there is caps on the issue, user need to reset the password, most probably user receives password error just after update.In case forgot the Data File Password or Quicken not accepting password call support
Quicken Not RespondingAfter Double-clicking on desktop Quicken Icon does nothing or during work Quicken suddenly stopped, the user can try QcleanUI to Fix Quicken Installation issue
Quicken Not Updating Wells FargoUser unable to Downloading Transactions From Wells Fargo online banking, either there is connectivity issue or some banking issue which needs to be fixed ASAP. User can try Quicken Web Connect for direct downloading Transactions
Quicken Not Updating AccountsOnline Banking Services not working or user unable to download new or latest Transactions from the bank. “Quicken Accounts Not Updating” Error occurred
Quicken Not Downloading Bank Of America TransactionsUser unable to download latest or new transactions from Bank of America [BOA /BOFA ] online banking, probably after upgrading Quicken
Quicken Not OpeningQuicken Launcher Has Stopped suddenly when user trying to open Quicken, Might be after an update or upgrade find the root causes & solutions Why Quicken Will Not Open Error
Quicken Not Accepting PasswordIn some cases user forgets password or during entering password Caps-on, know Recovering Password Protected Files in easy step
Quicken Password Vault Not WorkingThe user either doesn’t know what is the Vault password of Quiken or they forget Quicken Vault password. In some cases Just after creating Quicken ID user asked for a Quicken Vault password
Quicken Will Not Open After UpdateAfter applying Windows update, user unable to open Quicken, after clicking on start Quicken Icon nothing happen, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 user probably not able to open Quicken after the latest update
Quicken Not Downloading Citibank TransactionsCitibank user unable to download latest Transactions, the user often complains Constant download problems in Quicken while using Citibank
Quicken File Not Backed Up User unable to take backup of file while using Quicken, basically Quicken not performing the backup process while the user clicks start back up
Quicken Mobile Not SyncingQuicken Mobile App user facing issue while Syncing with Quicken nothing happen and no latest data load into mobile. In some cases user complains Quicken Mobile Not Syncing accounts
Quicken Not Downloading All TransactionsWhen the user downloading transaction from a bank account, new transaction or latest transaction is missing
Quicken Not Connecting To BankWith the use of Web Connect user can resolve the Quicken issue with bank connection.Also, after Quicken upgrade user having issues with the bank connectivity
Quicken Page Not FoundWhile opening Quicken user see “PAGE NOT FOUND” error message or during online banking user see 404 error message
Quicken Not Responding Windows 7Quicken 2018,2017,2016 user unable to open Quicken software Just after Window 7 latest update
Quicken Not Working With Capital OneQuicken user unable to connect Capital One 360 Accounts while using Quicken . In some case user also having comlain that Capital One accounts not working
Quicken Not LoadingWhenever Quicken not load or not responds than the user can try to use QcleanUI tool to fix an installation issue
Quicken Not Responding Windows 10Windows 10 user facing problem while opening Quicken software just after Windows update
Quicken Not PrintingThe user has Printing Problems with Quicken or user unable to print anything like reports etc from Quicken. In some cases user sees the warning message on their screen “Unable to verify active printer at the system level”
Quicken Patch Not WorkingPatch Error comes while user trying to download or check latest update from server file. Mondo Patch often creates issues for Quicken 2018 to get the latest updates
Quicken Update Now Not WorkingWindows or Mac user having issues while trying to get latest update from Quicken File Server.In some cases Quicken ID unable to verified to download update
Quicken Not DownloadingBasically Quicken not downloads latest or new deposits & withdrawal from Banking
Quicken Not Updating TransactionsNO new or latest Transactions downloaded by Quicken from online bank
Quicken Not Updating Bank Of AmericaThere was an incorrect download of transactions from Bank of America accounts, some latest or new transactions are missing. Basically its BOA Transactions Won’t Download or Update
Quicken Is Not Updating AccountsA Quicken user having issues during importing, downloading latest transaction from Online banking
Quicken Mobile Not WorkingEither Quicken Mobile APP isn’t opening or user having login issues with Quicken Mobile App
Quicken Not Connecting To InternetOops Unexpected Error with Quicken No Internet Connection Found to connect.Bank Account Connection Change suddenly Error.On Windows 7, 8,10 DNS An address could not be found Quicken
Quicken Launcher Not RespondingQuicken Launcher Stopped or not responding while user trying to open Quicken .
Quicken Not Memorizing PayeesMemorized payee, not working in case Memorized Payee List goes to large, A large no of entries found in Memorized Payee List Quicken . Quicken Not Remembering Payee
Quicken Printer Not ActivatedQuicken user receives Error Codes: “-20″ and ” -30″ during printing reports, etc. in some cases Quicken PDF Printer not insulted So user recycles printer not activated Error in Quicken
Quicken Balance Not ShowingNothing comes in a balance column user either Lost Running Balance or having issue with Opening Balance Adjustment
Quicken Not Syncing With BankQuicken Web Connect error, so user can’t Syncing with Online Banking services to update transactions
Quicken Not Able To Connect To Connected ServicesQuicken Connectivity issue and not able to connect with services like online banking & other Apps
Quicken Not Importing Qfx FileA user having issues importing or exporting Quicken Transfer Format (. QXF) file. Nothing happens when trying to import.QFX file
Quicken Zestimate Not WorkingZestimate isn’t working or suddenly stopped working while using Zillow Integration with Quicken
Quicken Not Showing Downloaded TransactionsWarning message comes “Quicken Says There Are Transactions to Accept But I Do Not See Any” when user download new bank transactions
Quicken .net 4.6.1 Not InstalledQuicken launcher stopped or not working when user trying to open Quicken because of Microsoft Framework .NET 4.6.1 either missing or damaged
Quicken Not Connecting To Wells FargoQuicken Web Connect not working while connecting Wells Fargo online banking services. Wells Fargo Direct Connect with Quicken having issues like login or downloading transaction
Quicken Not Shown In Filtered ViewHaving issue entering transacted into checking, user unable to view Transaction in the filtered view
Quicken Not Connecting To FidelityDuring connecting Fidelity Investments Online banking Fidelity Netbenefits OL-332A Error occurs.
Quicken Not Closing When user click on close [X Button] Quicken will not close error comes, Also in some cases user unable to close the Quicken account because some fees and transaction are pending
Quicken Not SubscriptionEither user not having valid Subscription to use Quicken services or Subscription expired
Quicken Not CategorizingQuicken unbale to categorize any transactions automatically or recurring transactions Auto-categorizing failed to perform
Quicken File Not OpeningUser unable to restore Quicken from the backup file which is located in external media. Error message come on screen “Can’t open file” or “File not restored”
Quicken Not BalancingOpening balance can’t match a statement, Error during Reconciling Quicken accounts
Quicken File Not CopiedWhen user tries to create Year-End-Copy error message displayed on the screen “File Not Copied”
Quicken Not Finding AccountQuicken unable to locate Penfed accounts or online bank accounts not found, during setup new account, Quicken shows “Ignore” and Cannot Add Account
Quicken Error Name Not Resolved“ERR NAME NOT RESOLVED” while using Online banking may be Internet connection not working of CC-501 error comes
Quicken Not Adding CorrectlyDue to Damaged Category during Reconciliation Quciken not adding correctly
Quicken Could Not Start X-ray At This PointDuring launching x-ray in Quicken to update biller or category Error message come “Quicken could not start X-Ray at this point”
Quicken Not Letting Me Sign InEither Quicken ID or password not corect or Quicken ID disabled
Quicken Control Keys Not WorkingKeyboard shortcut not working or broken Quicken 2018,2017,2016
Quicken Not Making SoundsThis error basically when No Signature Quicken Sound at Startup or Quicken having sound problems
Quicken Not Matching TransactionsRegister transaction not matching with downloaded transaction. The error importing transaction also user seeing an error seletcted transition not matched currently
Quicken Not Updating Chase AccountsEither some Transactions are missing or new Transactions entries not found While using Chase online banking services
Quicken Not Updating Navy FederalNavy Federal Credit Union account won’t update or CC-503 error occurred Quicken
Quicken Not Updating PncThe PNC bank account won’t update or some Transactions either missing or no new Transactions downloaded from PNC Bank in Quicken
Quicken Not Opening In Windows 10After Windows 10 new update , user unable to open Quicken Software
Quicken Budget Not Updating‘Edit Budget’ Quicken option not works or update budget disabled or do nothing while saving
Quicken Not Opening On MacQuicken MAC user unable launch software after Double-clicking the desktop Quicken Icon
Quicken Budget Not SyncingQuicken Mobile user unable to Synced Budget while using Quicken Mobile APP, Budget Not Showing On Mobile APP
Quicken Not Printing PdfPDF printer driver not installed or Intalled PDF printer driver not compatible with the System or Quicken Software
Quicken Not Recognizing AccountQuicken Password or Quicken User ID Incorrect or not Recognised by Quicken
Quicken Not ReconcilingA user having problem while Reconciling an Account Quicken,Quicken Not Reconciling Correctly or user face Quicken Transaction Not Showing In Reconcile
Quicken Not Working On SierraMAC Sierra user unable to launch Quicken Software
Quicken Bills Not UpdatingOnestep update doesn’t work and user unable automatically updates bills while using Quicken. Incorrect balance amounts due to bills not updating
Quicken Not Working With ChaseThe Chase bank account won’t update or some Transactions either missing or no new Transactions downloaded from Chase Bank in Quicken
Quicken It’s Not Your FaultDownload activation failure while using Online Banking Quicken or QWIN 2016 R16 error while downloading new updates, it’s not your fault with something goes wrong
Quicken Not Saving TransactionsQuicken either not downloading transactions or not “Memorized Transaction ” having issues with saving or editing Transaction
Quicken Not Showing Check Numbers In downloaded transactions from Online banking, Check numbers not displaying Quicken
Quicken Not Working With Td BankQuicken Web Connect not working while connecting TD bank online banking services. Wells TD Bank Connect with Quicken having issues like login or downloading transaction
Quicken App Not UpdatingUnable to Update Quicken Mobile APPS or Error Sync Quicken
Quicken Not AccurateMissing New or latest Transactions after downloading from a bank or ending balance incorrect or Quicken not calculating ending balance correctly
Quicken Account Not FoundQuicken ID incorrect
Quicken Not Matching Downloaded TransactionsNO new or latest Transactions downloaded from Online Banking services
Quicken Not OnlineHaving issue with Quicken server or Quicken is down
Quicken Not Opening Last FileExisting Quicken data file not opening or user unable to open right or correct data file to Quicken
Quicken Prices Not UpdatingCurrent Price not updated after Downloading Security Quotes in Quicken
Quicken Mobile Not Showing All AccountsQuicken ID not valid
Quicken Not Recognizing Internet ConnectionChanges in DNS or Internet connection many stop Quicken to open
Quicken Not Sending PaymentsQuicken not Verifying a Quicken Bill Pay Payment So the user Unable to Send Bill Pay Payments while using Quicken
Quicken Transactions Not Showing In Register Either no transaction downloaded also Quicken shows warning message there are multiple transaction to download but user can see no new one in the register.
Quicken Not Backing UpThe user receives Backup Errors When Backing Quicken data on CD or some external devices. In some cases when an auto backup disabled user can try manual backup
Quicken Not Accepting Bank PasswordPassword for Online Bank is incorrect or changed, When user tries to download new transaction from Bank of America, Well Forgo, Citizen Bank, Chase Bank or other account than Quicken not connected to the bank due to password mismatch
Quicken Transactions Not Showing Up In ReconcileQuicken reconciles window not showing Transactions or missing transactions basically user unable to view items in the register and Cleared transactions
Quicken Not Printing Windows 10Windows 10 user having problem while printing in Quicken 2018,2017,2016
Quicken Will Not Download Historical PricesWhen user Download Security Quotes then no Mutual fund & stock prices historical data appears in Quicken
Quicken Mac Not Downloading TransactionsQuicken MAC user unable to download latest or new transactions from Online Bank services
Quicken Not Showing Correct BalanceQuicken user getting error balances not updating correctly after downloading transaction ending total balance register balances, Prior balance or Summary balance incorrect
Quicken Will Not LoadSame as Quicken not opening or not working , not responding
Quicken Not InstallingQuicken Won’t Install error when user trying to install from CD or from downloaded version, Using QcleanUI tool might resolve issue on Windows 10,8 or 7
Quicken Mobile Not UpdatingSame as not syncing Error with Quicken mobile app
Quicken Windows 8 Not PrintingQuicken user unable to print while using on Windows
Quicken Window Not VisibleThe user has Display problem on High Resolution Monitors either Quicken Not Visible on Monitor, Quicken Launches but window not visible, Category Box Pop-Up Half Off Screen, Quicken won’t fill the screen
Quicken Will Not Open Data FileQuicken user getting error message “unable to open data file” due its used by some other application or program
Quicken Not Recognizing PrinterQuicken not verifying active printer at system, also printer setup not open after giving printing command
Quicken Not Able To Connect To InternetQuicken update may change the settings and user unable to connect to the internet due to a firewall
Quicken Not Downloading QuotesA quicken user having Problems US Securities Downloading Quotes also in some cases current price not updated after downloading Security Quotes
Quicken Not Saving PayeeQuicken isn’t adding new Payees when trying to add manually, nothing happens after saving new Payee information

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