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Quicken Mac Data Location

Where Are Quicken Data Files Stored On Mac

his question arises a lot by quicken users. We have found three ways to find or locate quicken data files for Mac . One of quicken thread “Where does Quicken 2015/2016/2017/2018 for Mac create its Data File(s)? Where is my data stored?”

Below are the ways to find quicken data files on Mac :

Your quicken default location in mac depends on which Quicken 2015+ version for Mac you have purchased. Quicken usually stored in the user version of the Library folder, one of the Mac OS X “System folders”, which is usually not directly accessed by users and as of Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) is hidden by default . If you want to know more call Quicken Technical Support Number now .

Things to Notice : If you not having QM2015, replace any other reference to 2015 with whatever version you are using, for example – 2016.

Unable To Find Data Location Quicken MAC?

Location of Quicken Data File(s):

For Mac Apple Store (MAS):If Quicken is purchased from MAS, the default data file location is: ~/Library/Containers/ Support/Quicken 2015/Documents
For Retail version from any vendor : If you have purchased it from any vendor or retails version your default location will be :
~/Library/Application Support/Quicken 2015/Documents

(where “~” is /Users/[name of the user account])

. Quick Ways to find Quicken Data File(s):

If you have already Quicken opened data file open, Command-Clicking the “Q” icon on title bar of the Quicken software window will show the pathname of the current file.
If you have already Quicken opened data file open, right-click on the filename at the top of the main window for the file path. If you scroll down to the folder name just before the data file name, it should open the folder where the file is stored.
If you want to be able to permanently reveal the Library folder, in the Finder select “View > Show View Options” (or command J), then check the box that says “Show Library Folder”. The Library will show in the Finder just like other folders.
Other Ways of Searching for Data File(s):

Find below Detailed instruction in Image to Find Data File MAC Quicken

Solve Quicken Locating Data File Issues

Quicken for Mac Locating Data File

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