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Quicken Not Opening

Quicken Will Not Open Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

This question arises by one of our customers who was into this problem for couple of weeks. After connecting to our Quicken Technical Support he was able to fix it. The exact question was “I have been using Quicken 2014 R2 since its release coupe of week ago. Now when I click on the Quicken shortcutit flashes and never starts up. I have reinstalled so many times but it never starts. I am using windows 7, windows 8”

We have fixed this problem in two ways for windows 7 and windows 8 user :

Ist Way
1. Quicken doesn’t start on windows 7 and windows 8 as quicken needs latest .Netframe Work . So you need to download it from Microsoft website –
2. You need to uninstall previous quicken
3. You need to run cleaner software and remove unwanted files.
4. You need to reboot the system.
5. After rebooting install Quicken 2014.
6. Now start your quicken. Now it’s working
If you still facing problem you can call quicken technical support Number – Support Toll Free Number Toll Free(24 X 7) and get Instant support

2nd Way
When you start installing Quicken on another computer it cause problems because of bad patch file user.config
For example – C:\Users\Tom\AppData\Local\QuickenWindow\qw.exe_StrongName_kcd3dgwhvwi4wqkcd0s5zhuwduwxjlq1\
You need to copy the new install contents of user.config into the same file on the other computer and it will worked.
The contents of the file are the following:


Solve Quicken 2019,2018,2017,2016 Not Opening Problem

This will solve you Quicken problem for Windows 7 and windows 8 & 10
Still facing Problem with Quicken. Call us Now – Support Toll Free Number Toll Free (24 X 7)
Speak directly to a Quicken Customer service Representative to Get real-time Quicken Technical Support .

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