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Quicken Not Syncing with MS Office

Quicken Unable to Sync with MS Office

Quicken shows up a few technical errors to a lot of users. Only a few lucky users are there who have never faced the technical issues with this financial planning and budgeting management software. Syncing problem with MS Office is recognized as commonly faced error with Quicken. The syncing problem can happen due to many reasons. In the following section, possible reasons and their solutions have been discussed.

Why Quicken Microsoft Office SYNC Failed

Software Not Updated
Syncing error occurs when your software is not updated. For updating Quicken, two methods can be followed. The first method is launching the software on computer and then click on the update button. Thereafter, everything will happen automatically. You just have to keep eyes on the screen for the instructions. At first, it will search for availability of update files. If available, it will show you message to continue to update process. Once you click download, update file download will be started and after downloading the files will be installed automatically.

The second method of update is to go to the official website of Quicken. There, you shall find option for downloading update. But, before that you have to enter the version of the software that you are using. Make sure that you download the update files that match the version of the software you are using. Once downloaded, you need to click on setup to launch installation wizard. Follow the process of installing software carefully.

When update is done, you shall find that Quicken is syncing with MS Office without any issues. If that does not happen, you should move on to try other steps as mentioned below.

How To Fix Quicken Not SYNC Outlook , Word, Excel ,PPT Problem

Reinstalling the Software
Due to the errors during installation a few components of the software may show up syncing error with MS Office. Reinstalling the software will resolve the issue. For reinstalling, the following steps can be followed.

  • Enter Quicken software CD in your CD drive.
  • Go to Control Pane and then open “Add or Remove Programs”.
  • Select Quicken and click on “Repair”.
  • The repairing process will be started.
  • You need to follow the screen instructions carefully.

Solve Quicken MS-Office Connectivity Problem

When these things are done, you need to restart computer. Now, Quicken shall be synced with MS Office without showing up any issues. If you still get issues, other possible reasons for the errors have to be diagnosed. For that, Quicken users can pick up phone and call Technical Support for Quicken Support Toll Free Number to obtain technical guidance.

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