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Reconciliation Problem On Intuit Quicken

Quicken Reconcile Errors & Problem

Quicken users across the world recommend the software for its accuracy and user friendly interface. There are different features and functions which you can enjoy in the premium version of the software. The software is updated from time to time and the premium version of the software can be your one stop solution for finance and tax management. However, users often complain about the technical errors and hindrance in operating the software fluently. One of the major complaints of people is error with reconciliation of the software.

What is reconciliation?

When you balance or reconcile a quicken account, the data is compared against the current bank statement for looking up any differences between the two. It is an optional feature but some users prefer to reconcile to make sure there is no discrepancy between the quicken information and the bank statement.

Causes Behind Quicken Reconciliation Issues

What leads to the problem?

Reconciliation can fail for various reasons.

  • Due to network error, you may have trouble in performing a recondition on your quicken account.
  • It is not activated or has been disabled.
  • Certain data has not been updated due to server troubles.

The possible solutions for the problem

You can solve the trouble with reconciliation through the following steps. The best option would be to activate auto reconcile so the software can determine when to start with the reconciliation process as per necessity. The following are the steps to activate auto reconcile on your device.

  • Login to the account you want to auto reconcile.
  • Click the account actions gear icon or the account action icon and choose reconcile from the drop down menu.
  • Choose the online balance option under the reconcile list.
  • There is the auto reconcile downloaded transactions check box which you have to check.
  • The feature will take effect after the next online session. Quicken will automatically reconcile all your downloaded transaction. This will be done after you have finished comparing them on your account register.

Help Quicken Reconciliation Failed

If reconcile to online balance is already chosen the auto reconcile option will not be available for selection.  Hence you need to go to tools> account list and click on edit next to the account which you want to reconcile. Other than that, you can always get in touch with the Quicken tech support experts over the phone Support Toll Free Number . They are third party trained personnel who are always ready to help you.

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