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Recover Quicken File When Your Computer Crashes

Recovering Quicken Data When Computer/PC/Laptop Crashed

Backup or Restore Your Quicken Data
Quicken users come cross a lot of errors and for these errors Quicken is not entirely responsible in many cases. For example, you may find that important Quicken files have been damaged or corrupted after your computer has crashed. So, this is the problem with your system or operating system software. Quicken cannot be held responsible in it, though as a Quicken user you have to suffer data loss. The good thing is that there are certain ways to get back lost Quicken data. In the following section, those methods are discussed.

Retrieve Quicken Data From Damaged Computer

QDF File Recovery Software
The simplest method of recovery of damaged Quicken files (QDF files) due to system crashing is to opt for robust and seamless recovery software. You just have to download and install the software. You need to pay for the tool, if it is a premium tool. However, free recovery tools are also there. Once download and installed, you need to follow software instructions after launching it on your computer. Reading the instructions carefully is the most crucial thing. As you follow those instructions, you shall be able to recover the lost or damaged data files after your sudden software crashing.

Get Back Quicken Data System Crashing

Getting the Data Files from the Backup Drives
Quicken users follow two different methods for keeping data backup. The first method is to backup in an external drive and you have to this task manually as well as periodically. Risk is there of losing data files which are not duplicated to the external drive yet. The second method is more convenient as well as safe. Quicken comes with automatic data backup system on its cloud server. You can schedule backup of the data and they shall be backed up automatically. To get data files from the backup, here are the steps to follow:

• Launch Quicken and the go to “File> Backup and Restore”.
• Choose the option says “Restore from backup file…”
• Now, click on “Browse” option.
• Now, you should select the files that you want to restore. Now, click on “Open” and then hit the option that says “Restore Backup”.

Help For Recovering Quicken Data Crashed System

You can create a copy and in that case you need to specify the location where you want the file to be copied.
Keeping backup of Quicken Data Files is absolutely important, as files stored on the local drive may be damaged for many reasons. You need to call Quicken technical Support Number Support Toll Free Number   to learn more in this matter.

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