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Unable to Convert Quicken Data to QuickBooks

Quicken to QuickBooks Conversion

Both Quicken and QuickBooks are recognized as financial management tools which can be used for different financial management purpose. Quicken is mainly budget planning tool and QuickBooks is basically daily financial transaction record keeping tool. Sometimes, QuickBooks data is required for some Quicken functions. Sometimes, Quicken data is required to be converted into QuickBooks. For this purpose, converting tool has been used. However, people come across some problems when it comes to converting Quicken data into QuickBooks. In the following section, potential errors and their solutions have been discussed.

Converting Quicken To QuickBooks Data Failed

Incompatibility Due to Different Versions
Some users have older version of Quicken and the latest version of QuickBooks. In such situations, incompatibility often occurs. Data files generated by Quicken will not match the present supported data file format of QuickBooks. In such condition, converter tool is required. Such tool has been used for converting old data files into the new version so that latest Intuit software can recognize those files. Here are the steps to use Quicken converter tool.

  1. At first, the converter tool has to be purchased and downloaded. Once you have done that, you should install it on your computer.
  2. At the second step, you need to launch the software.
  3. Now, you need to find option for converting Quicken data into the desired latest format.
  4. The files should be located through explorer window on the screen.
  5. Once files are selected, press on “convert” button to start with the process.

The process may take some time. Once it is done, all the data files will become compatible with the latest version of QuickBooks that you use on your computer.
Data File Corrupt issues
When incompatibility is not the reason, you can assume that you are unable to use Quicken files on your QuickBooks due to some other reasons. Data file corrupt issue can be one of those issues. If data file gets corrupted, obviously it would not be usable by both the software. Data files can be corrupted due to the following reasons:

  • Virus or malware activities can damage data files.
  • Glitches with other programs may lead to data file damage.
  • Operating software problem is also an issue.

Solve Quicken To QB Desktop Data Conversion Error

There could be many other possibilities or reasons behind data corrupt issue. Once data is damaged partially or completely, it is difficult to get it back. To learn more on this matter and to find solutions for converting Quicken data to QuickBooks, you can dial toll free number Support Toll Free Number of Quicken support phone number.

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