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Unable to Restore/ Backup Quicken Data Files

Quicken Data Files

The process of restoring Quicken data is simple and can be accomplished by following a few simple steps. The same thing can be said for data backup procedure. If you are facing troubles with these processes, you may not be sticking to the basics. Mistakes in steps will lead to errors. So, here are the steps for Quicken data backup first.

Backup Process

1. Open Quicken and then go to “File” section and then click on “Backup and Restore”. Thereafter, click on “Backup Quicken File…”
2. Now, two options shall be given to you on the screen. You can either backup data on computer or you can backup on external drive.
3. To find your latest backup, you put a check mark to “Add date to backup file name”.
4. Now, Quicken shall ask you where it can possibly save your backup files. Specific the location for saving files and you are one step far from completing the process.
5. Click on “Back up Now”.

Restore Backup

Now, let us find the steps to restore Quicken data. Like backup, restoring process is also simple.
1. Click on “File” and then go to “Backup and Restore”.
2. Now, click on “Restore from Your Backup” and then finally click on “Browse”.
3. Now, browse computer to external media.
4. Select the file that you want to restore and then click on “Open”.
5. Now, click on “Restore Backup” in order to restore backup.

Troubleshooting the Errors

If errors are faced during these procedures, you need to take the following technical measures.

• You need to check external disk space for taking backup. If space is not there, backup error will be shown. Similarly, files cannot be restored on the disk, if the disk space is almost full.
• Backup or restore problem can happen due to presence of virus. You are requested to choose professional and useful antivirus software. Run complete computer scanning to find possible threats and then get rid of it with your antivirus tool.
• Backup error occurs when you do not follow steps perfectly. For that, aforementioned steps should be followed. The same goes for restoring Quicken data.

The best way of resolving data backup and restore error is to pickup phone and call 1800-627-6047 tech support for Quicken for assistance. When all these troubleshooting measures would fail, you should contact professional executives to attain step by step technical guidance.

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