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When installing Quicken gives error 1911 or 1935

What do mean by “Quicken errors 1911 or 1935”

There may be times when installing Quicken you may get errors like 1911 or 1935. These are errors that occur during installation of Quicken and it means, some required components that are required to run the installation successful is missing or some issues are occurring in those components. None the less, there are a few places which you should search first to spot the issue and you can repair the error by yourself most of the time.

In case of windows installation of Quicken, you should follow a troubleshooting for the installer. It means step by step verification of various issues and then rectify accordingly. Call Toll Free 800 Number Support Toll Free Number

How To Fix Quicken Installation Error 1911 & 1935

Solution #1 .NET framework repair

There could be some errors creeping up in the .NET framework which may give you those errors. In such cases, you should consider repairing of the .NET framework via various tools that are available online. If the issue still persists after repair, then you should consider uninstalling the .NET framework and reinstalling it again so that there would be a fresh installation of .NET framework.

You may have older version of .NET framework which may as well give you errors during installation. You should replace the older version with a newer one and try to run the setup again and see if everything goes accordingly.

Solution #2 Check the windows installer service

There could also be issues with the windows installer service due to which these errors may occur. If you are using an older version of windows, then you should check if you have the updated version of the windows installer or not. If you do not have the up to date windows installer files, then you should consider downloading the updated windows installer service and then run the setup.

If you have the latest windows installer service, then you should consider restarting the windows installer service. To do so:

  • First, press Windows key and R It will open the Run pop up dialog.
  • Type msc in the pop up and then hit enter.
  • There will be various services in the list. Scroll through the list and locate the windows installer service.
  • After locating the windows installer service, you should click
  • It will restart the windows installer service. If there were issues which was caused by the running instance of the windows installer service, then this will solve those issues after restarting the windows installer service.

Support Quicken To Resolve 1911 or 1935 Error

If the problem still persists, then you can call us at Quicken Technical Support Phone number . Call Toll Free 800 Number Support Toll Free Number

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